slow week

Dudley let me get Beatles Rockband and it is just awesome. We had a jam session Sat night with the cutest boys (jack and cooper), and then Leslie and Jonathan stayed and we had an even longer jam session. Leslie is the best singer.

It's kind of been a slow week around the Carter household. I started back to BSF on Monday night, which was so exciting. It was great to see the BSF group of friends we have, and I was excited about meeting my new group members/leader. We are studying John this year and it sounds life changing. I'm stoked. If you're interested, and want to just study the Bible come with us! We would love to have you there.

Leslie and I also started our half marathon training, and boy has it been tough this week. The humidity is killing us. As we run, I get the feeling like I won't be able to do it again, but it's just the humidity. It's hard to breathe out there. Maybe if this rain passes soon we will be back in business.

We are heading to Oxford this weekend for the first football game of the season. Hotty Toddy, and go rebs! We haven't been to Oxford since Double Decker, so we have been itching to get back to spend some time in the beautiful little town.

Hopefully soon I'll update something more exciting, like some house things that we've worked on? Eh? What is it that you've been wanting to see about ole Fiesta?


Jesse Faris said...

Amen on the humidity. Blech.

LeslieJ said...

Show em your china cab display !

Linnae said...

yay!! you're running again. my friend just hooked me up with the new NikePlus sportband. it's pretty sweet. if you don't want to spend money on a Garmin, you should get one of these.

eat a blueberry muffin for me!! yummmm

khovater said...

Hey, I'm doing BSF this year!! It's my first go around. Currently I am putting off the last two days of study to read your blog :)