first guest blogger "Macaroni Grill, Credenzas, and Weiner Races..."

Today, I'm having a guest write my blog post. This topic wouldn't be as interesting coming from me, so it will be coming from none other than my sweet hubs. Tdud. This is the funny guy looking somewhat like p-diddy (complements of Aaron Snow):

Sweet guy. I love that photo of him, so I had to share. Without further ado... T.

Macaroni Grill, Credenzas, and Weiner Races….

The search is over. The search, that is, for something to hold our TV (I don't have a photo of old TV stand, wonder why). It's been a long journey filled with excitement and disappointments. But last night we were able to bring it to a happy ending. We went to dinner with the Stephens last night, a favorite pastime of ours. Since the folks at the M.G. are so nice to provide kids in their mid 20's paper table clothes and crayons, we were able to reminisce about the little things we used to do when we were younger. Things like you write the word 'boy' and then connect the lines to turn it into a picture of a boy. Or when you draw three lines above three lines and turn it into this cool looking S thing. Or the one that is inappropriate and we can't talk about it on hootenanny. This is where we found out that the Stephens were (and I'm not sure if I should tell because it might be a secret, so I'll say it in piglatin) nteringeay amaBay niay hetay einerway aceray. It's gonna be great, y'all should come. So then off to this really nice furniture store to look for TV stand. But we left with much more than a TV stand, we got a CREDENZA. So Ryan helped me get it in the house and set up and get everything hooked back up. But what I learned from the whole ordeal, if you buy a credenza on day and glass doors won't stay on, check the springs. Here is what we got.

The last one you can just tell that is actually longer than the TV is wide.

Thanks T. I'm glad you could join us today and tell the tale of the "credenza" search. It was a good time.

If you want to visit Ryan or Laura's blog, you should! You can see photos of said weiner, Bama, on Ryan's blog. He's gotta win the race! Go Bama! That is the only time anyone in the Carter house will say that. At the annual "Running of the Weenies" Dachshund Race.

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LeslieJ said...

i LOVE the credenza!!!!!!!!! parfait!!!!!!!!!!