it's official

Well, with the help of our families we successfully moved into our house yesterday and slept in our room last night! I was so excited I couldn't fall asleep as quickly as I normally do. We worked on our bathroom over the weekend and came SO close to being able to use it today. Mr. Gary Lemmons (jack of all trades) came to the rescue yesterday and put our vanity and sink together, and our light that Dudley worked for hours on on Saturday night. The reason it didn't work for him is because a wire was broken. Otherwise, he would have gotten it as easily as Gary did. It looks great in our newly painted bathroom! I cannot wait to share pictures with everyone on here, you won't believe it's the same house.


LeslieJ said...

yayyyyyyy now the real work begins. Just kidding you/we've been doing real work this whole time

Jesse Faris said...

Your adoring public wants pictures!!!

Mary Margaret said...

yeah for being in the new digs! woot!