learning and prints

When I started working at Shelby, my computer came with InDesign on it. Leslie has always wanted it so she can create even more awesome designs for her stationery business. At the time I started working, she and our friend Stacey (graphic designer) had been working on my wedding invitations and correspondence, which turned out perfect! I was determined to figure out this program that was on my computer. Sometimes we are slow at work, so I'll pull it up and mess around to figure some things out. Lately, I have been doing little projects for Leslie, tshirt designs, and of course things for work.

Anyway, I'm starting to understand how the program works, and at the moment, Leslie and I are designing some cards for my mom. They look pretty good if I do say so myself. This afternoon she wants me to do a wedding shower invite! I wish the two of us could just have our own crafty business.

On another note, I think I've picked out some cute prints for our bedroom. Dudley (of course) would rather have a deer hanging over our bed, but I think these will be there instead.

Dudley and Martha, the little bandits! Too bad this little guy doesn't have curls. It's from the famous etsy shop, theblackapple. There are a few others that I might have to get. I'm really LOVING the terrarium print (Leslie and I have acquired an obsession for terrariums for some reason).

That one might be in the house, too. I cannot wait to start decorating this house that we've worked on for months now.


LeslieJ said...

LOVE those bandits! tee hee!

Linnae said...

ummm. yes please!