I guess I like birds?

I guess I like birds... Birds were on our shower curtain, I have birds on my lamp by my bed, birds on a pillow on our bed, and it seems that I want some kind of bird necklace. As I posted before, I'm still loving this necklace:

I found this one today, and I like it as well (not as much as the one above):

Owls are included in this bird category. Laura just bought me an owl desk pen holder from anthro. It will be just the cutest thing on the desk that I hope to paint sooner rather than later. This would be cute in my kitchen:

I wonder why this is the case with birds?

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Jesse Faris said...

I just finished Time Traveler's Wife (in the wee hours of the morning) and there is a bit of a theme with birds in there...? Perhaps that was one of the reasons you loved the book?