this is what I feel like right now.

This is what my life feels like. Mess everywhere. We work on our house (which is looking amazing) every night after work, and go home just in time to get in bed. This leaves NO TIME for the following:

folding laundry
putting clothes away/in boxes

I woke up this morning and honestly felt like this girl here. I don't want to lose my mind, but I can't live in transition much longer before I go crazy. I don't really know where any of my clothes are. I feel like I'm wearing the same thing over and over and over again.

I cannot wait for the following to occur once we move in:
  • organizing my clothes
  • laundry and being able to fold it immediately
  • cooking (it's been too long)
  • baking
  • decorating
  • buying rugs
  • rearranging furniture
  • having people over
  • watching movies
  • learning to garden (maybe one day I can have pretty plants like Leslie's)
  • sewing and hanging curtains
  • playing in the yard
  • relaxing
  • etc
  • etc

This has been such a long process, but we are actually getting close to the end. I can't see it yet because it goes back to my life looking like that girl in the picture.


Audrey said...

Know how you feel - you'll make it I promise, and the washer and dryer will be that much sweeter when you get there! xo

LeslieJerkins said...

i know Marthie!!!!!!! you can do it, you're so close!

Mandi said...

You will look back and think that every minute of your hard labor was well worth it, I promise! Hang in there. I can't wait to see it. Pictures, please! :)