Well yesterday (Sunday) seemed like 3 days in itself. We thought it would just be any average Sundee, but it turned into a hilarious chain of events.

We went to church and then out to eat with the Stephens and Lemmons afterwards at Dan McGuinnis. We had heard much about this place as it is a usual Sundee lunch spot for this group. Then we came up with this genius plan of the rest of the day. I had to attend a baby shower for a BSF girl, and then Dudley was going to hang out with the Stephens and we would then meet up at an open house they (Stephens) wanted to go to around 3:30/4. So, I went to a very cute baby shower, hosted by Stacey, and then headed to midtown for the open house to meet up with the others.

We walked around the house, loved the area, the house has potential, but then our husbands were determined to go play golf, even though it had downpoured the night before, and looked like it was about to pour. We said, ok, we'll just tool around for a little while and meet up with y'all afterwards. Well then the sky opened and it was a downpour. We thought for sure they wouldn't be playing golf. We drove to meet them at the Lemmons household. They were chillin' there, waiting for the rain to stop because they said they were going to play when it stopped. Crazy boys. So, Dudley agreed to let me get a new pair of Chacos. Laura and I headed for outdoors.

Right as we got in the car, I turned on Sirius Martha Stewart channel because I wanted Laura to hear it (Leslie and I listen to Alexis and Jennifer). I said, "sometimes they have replays so maybe you can hear when I was on last week." Right when I turned it on, I hear Jennifer say, "so when we come back from the break, we'll be talking about artificial sweetners." That was my segment!! Laura got to hear me on the radio with Alexis and Jennifer, and then we enjoyed piddling around Outdoors.

We then headed to let her dog out because poor Bama had been inside all day. When we got down to her apt in midtown (the bristol), we didn't have a key. What else would this day bring us? So then we headed back to the Lemmons because the boys were only on the 2ND HOLE, and it had already been about 45min-1hour since we had left them. At this point, we had already felt like it had been 2 days.

We got the key from Ryan at the course, then Cindi drove us back down to the apt to let out poor Bama. The boys wanted the night to continue and for all of us to go out to eat Mexican food. They were having too good a time together I guess.

Long story, I know, but it was a hilarious day to me, and this picture tops it off.


LeslieJerkins said...

what is that picture supposed to be?

"tool around" yesss

Martha said...

it's a tiny car with 10 ft long cane poles.