april 1... fools day?

So I have never been really good about the April Fools day jokes. I can never come up with a good one in time, and if I do, it always back fires. This morning on the radio, Steve kept playing "Good Lovin'" by The Rascals, and it was hilarious. People were calling in saying that there was something wrong with the system because it kept playing the same song over.. and over.. and over again. I think I heard it 4 times. Finally, Steve and Karen started laughing about it and talked about how he did it back in 1986 and got the same reaction. Thank you, 94.1, for making me laugh on the way to work today. It put me in a great mood during the morning.

What's the best joke you have played or received on April 1?


Jesse said...

Can't remember the best, and I'm pretty lame with practical jokes personally. But Nick did come in the bedroom when I was just waking up this morning and told me he accidentally wet the bed last night. In my foggy morning brain state, I actually opened my eyes wide and said "What??" Of course, April Fools. It was just random enough that I fell for it. I'm thinking of hiding the dirty dishes under the sink and telling him I cleaned them...then busting out the "April Fools" on him, eh?

Martha said...

that's a good one. let me know how it goes over!

Ellen said...