nice weekend

Dudley and I had a great weekend in Oxford. We went and enjoyed the double decker festivities and came away with good food and slight sunburns. Ok, his is slight, mine is pretty bad. Can we say raccoon eyes or Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer? Sunday was our year mark of when we got engaged! Hehe!

Anyway, we enjoyed spending time with the Carters, and then getting to see some friends we have missed since leaving Oxford. We were impressed by Austin running the 10K in 49 minutes, let me just say, the course had some brutal hills, and I know I would have been falling into the finish line around 60 minutes or so. Way to go Austin! We listened to Robert Randolph and enjoyed some professional hula hoopers. Didn't know that was true until I saw it with my own two eyes.

We are closing on Wednesday! We will be homeowners by Thursday, and it's exciting! Here we go, Dudley, being adults now. Let's get crackin' on making our house awesome.

Will post pictures when it's official!


Jesse Faris said...

I think *I* should be a professional hula hooper. I am real good. Like, professional good.

(My word verification is "endest." As in this is the endest of the end of closing on your house!)

Martha said...

Oh wow, funny! You would have been blown away by these girls. She was so intense.

LeslieJerkins said...

how do you "come away with good food" ??