good news!

There is nothing major wrong with the mini. What great news I heard today! I don't want to get too overly excited because who knows what else will come my way. We just need some new tires and a computer reset and we're on our way, but getting closer to summer, which I'm super excited about, but also dreading. This means sweat. in. the. mini. all. the. time. We should just bite the bullet and fix it, but eh eh, not happening. We just freaking bought a house! Well, we close next week and will post pictures when that sign says "SOLD!"


amy said...

YAY! For you! Miss you this week - come see us this weekend if you guys are not busy!

LeslieJerkins said...

GREAT NEWS! hooray!

Linnae said...

oh no! the Mini! I love the mini!!! He's my favorite little car! Glad he's ok! It is a boy, isn't it?