great good friday... and weekend

This was a great Easter weekend in my family. Friday, Leslie, Laura, and I went down to spend a few hours in Oxford. We got to eat at Big Bad Breakfast, a local original that was outstanding. We also got to meet up with my dear Katie Martin, the rockette friend as she is famously known. Honestly, she's beautiful and is a NYC Rockette. She and I are very similar and I've been told that I'm her mini-me. I'm ok with that. Here she is standing by the ad she was in around the city.
So, we went to eat, enjoyed some great conversation and food, and then we hit up a few Oxford stores... antique, oxford floral, square shops, square books, mustard seed, etc. We had a great time!

Friday night we enjoyed some egg dying with our 2nd family, the Turmans. Jack and Cooper were in our wedding, and we love being with them. We love being included and love spending time with such a fun group of crazies!

Saturday, I went to the church egg hunt with the Turmans, while Dudley enjoyed a nice round of golf with Ryan. We got to end the night with Guinn family bowling. Let me tell you how hilarious this was. My dad's bowling name is the Big Labowski. He has a shirt. He wore it to the bowling alley, and got serious about these games. He showed us his skill, told us how to improve, and all in all it was a great night. Scott, my brother, was in town for the weekend, and I'm so glad that we got to enjoy him being home at this bowling adventure. Yes, he wore a shirt with watermelons on it. It used to be Steve's.

Sunday was an awesome Easter. The service was great, the worship, family, and friends were all perfect. Easter is the time to reflect on the savior and the promise he made for us. I'm a big sinner, but I have a big savior. He was at church with us on Sunday. We continued our day with a wonderful lunch made my Steve (and Pam). We got to enjoy the company of my Granny, Uncle Gary, Aunt Gwynne, and cousins, Henry & Mae. Granny made Leslie a strawberry birthday cake, and we got to sing her
birthday wishes and eat the most delicious cake. She was very excited about us singing to her. After lunch, we got to relax and watch the masters as it began to rain. It was the perfect day for relaxing.

Such a great "holiday" weekend, now back to the busy packed week. Dudley and I close on our house soon, so we're tying up all the details in preparation for that. I will say, the house we're moving into is having some sort of sale this weekend, so if you're interested (you could find some hilarious things, I saw a box of hoop skirts in the attic) go on over to Fiesta Drive. Not sure the time, but I would assume in the morning.


LeslieJerkins said...

nice informative post, Marth. great fun was had by Guinn girls this weekend.

Linnae said...

I love your family and secretly wish I got to be at all of the family events =) I can't wait to see your house!! Do you have pics?

Martha said...

Yes! But I'm waiting to post when we close on the house officially! It will be very soon.

LeslieJerkins said...

thanks for the picture. do i really look like that?

Martha said...

perhaps... but only when you're really excited about something. and you were at that moment.

the picture is also super hazy.

LeslieJerkins said...

i need a flippin haircut