the curse of the raccoon on my mini cooper, Judy

Leslie and I have matching mini coopers. Yes, we do. They are different colors. Hers is Betty mine is Judy. I do not want any of this to sound complaining because I am very grateful to have a car that is paid off. Thanks Dad for giving me such a great gift.

Thus... there is a curse.

It all started with the raccoon incident, and since then, it's been one thing after the other...

1 - Highway 7, coming home from Oxford... BOOM! Plowed into a raccoon.

2 - On the way to Tupelo, MS, power steering goes out. You will never know how important this is to a vehicle until you DO NOT have it. Judy had to be towed to Memphis.

3 - Crack in the windshield... HUGE... new windshield.

4 - Flat tire #1

5 - Flat tire #2

6 - Flat tire #3

7 - Multiple cracks in windshield...

8 - AC out during the blazes of the south in August and September

9 - Someone so kindly backs into my tail-light in TCBY parking lot and drives off...

10 - Dad so kindly gets me a new windshield and tail-light while I'm on my honeymoon. What a great surprise to come home to. I thought for sure, this was the end. My car was finally doing well.. oh no.

11 - Leaving Lenny's after lunch with Laura, and boom, a foreign man backs into Judy.. in a rental car. Oh, and he doesn't speak english.

12 - The car begins to drive funny... the rpms shoot up on the interstate. what does this mean?

This brings us to today... Oh what a glorious happening. I'm driving along the interstate, yes sweating because no AC, and also trying to keep my RPMs down when BAM... rock into the windshield. I just yelled. "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!" Seriously? There is no escaping this. There weren't even any 18 wheelers or work trucks driving around me. I think it was thrown at me. Don't worry, I went to get this filled in before it spread like wildfire in the heat. We cannot buy another windshield within 5 months of having this one.

One more thing.. I go to try and get my title switched over to my name because we got them for christmas, but they are still in Steve Guinn's name. Another long story short, I have to go downtown to get a new title with his name on it, and then go back and try to switch them. Don't worry, Leslie, you'll only have to do this once now!
What will be next?


LeslieJerkins said...

I've been calling mine Judy and yours Betty this whole time...?

Jesse Faris said...

Your pain and suffering is our entertainment. Sad, but true. Thanks for laying it all out there.

LeslieJerkins said...

mine's been Judy from the beginning
b/c the original idea came to me from the Jetsons--my silver bullet car being "Daughter Judy"
from this came Betty from White Christmas = judy and betty are sisters in the movie

Martha said...

Whatever you say, sister. I just think of them as a pair... Judy and Betty, I don't think I ever really knew who had which name, therefore, I just picked one.

The Millers said...

um I just discovered you had a blog! yay! another blog to look at in my cubicle :) Hope you liked Leslie's pics I took...p.s. I could not stop laughing after seeing Leslie's blown up picture in your cube at work! I am still laughing about it!