grocery store surprises

So Dudley doesn't usually do the grocery shopping. We go together sometimes, but he usually doesn't go by himself.

When he does go, he likes to come home with random surprises/treasures that he wanted. Last time, he came home with a huge box of pop-tarts (which I never buy because I try to get him to eat healthier breakfasts). Today, he got off work earlier because of an appointment. He went to Target to get milk and something for me, and I came home to a cooked dinner and dessert. It was great! So then after we ate dinner, he said, "and... I got myself a little treat. I just saw it on the bottom shelf and it caught my eye and I had to have it." This is what I saw on the pantry shelf.

I laughed because I was thinking it would be cheetos, doritos, little debbies, or something of the like. This Tang container was a random surprise that is just hilarious to me. He was like a little kid in the candy store loving his little container of Tang. He told me how much he loved Tang as a child, and whenever he went to his cousin's grandma's she would always have Tang and it was the best thing ever.

Anyone else find little surprises when the hubby goes to the grocery?


mandij said...

No grocery shopping for Grant, so no edible surprises. Instead, I find NBA bobble heads on shelves, NBA players in frames and on walls, and of course the ever-so delightful NBA decals on my front door.:) I laughed a little outloud as I scrolled down to discover Dudley's surprise. Hilarious!

Jesse Faris said...

Love it. Dudley's grocery habits remind me of my dad--whenever my mom unleashed him to go grocery shopping, he would take one (or all) or us, come back with half the items from her list and half items he had gotten "because the kids talked him into it." Said items were most likely Fudge Covered Oreos, Nerds, and the like. (He was diabetic, so I think he just bought all of his sugar cravings for us to enjoy.)

LeslieJerkins said...