the thank you notes.

Well... I have done it, finally. Having something hanging over my head drove me nuts, but I had the hardest time finishing. Well they... are... DONE. I am still waiting for a few addresses, but I have finished our thank you notes before March 15th, which was my goal. I think I wrote 500 thank you notes. Honestly. We were very blessed by so many people with so many nice things, and again, thank you to everybody for "showering" us with your gift.

We have had so much fun together as newlyweds, and are still having a blast. Yes, this is a video of my celebratory dance I did last night when I finished the last one. I look like a fool, but I was just too excited.



Ellen said...

Oh I looooovvveeee you. This is why you are my most favorite person in all the world.

Johnny Trendsetter said...

yayyyyyyyyy Marth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeslieJerkins said...

whoops that was supposed to be me.

Aaron said...

like the way you work it...no diggity!