the 23rd birthday

Well thank you everybody for all of the birthday wishes! It was a very sweet day, and I enjoyed some awesome sushi at Do with my husband and the Stephens. Wonderful time, wonderful friends, wonderful day...

So, 23, what does that mean to me? Well pretty much the same as 22. What do I want to do in my 23's? Well lets see... I want to be a great wife to Dudley and continue to learn about marriage, I want to grow more as a person and become more of an influence to people, I want to volunteer more, I want to not complain, and the list goes on. And on.

22 was an exciting year for me! I got engaged, graduated from college, got my first job, and got married. A lot has happened, but it was perfect. Thank you, 22, for giving me such a great year. I hope 23 is even more wonderful and fun.

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Linnae said...

yay for Sushi, Dudley, you, good times, and great hopes for the future! HAPPY BIRTHDAY