such a heavenly time of year

I'm so excited about spring this year! I love everything that happens in the spring.. trees, easter, baseball, farmer's market, fishing (with Dudley of course), running, sunshine, flowers, double decker in Oxford, the END of busy season, everything! It is now officially in my mind this time of the year. Heavenly day.

This year will be extra special because Dudley and I have bought a house! We will be painting, landscaping, and moving into it this spring/summer, and we are looking forward to such a fun and special time for us! I can't wait to post before/after pics because this house needs our TLC. We will make this house our home together, and it will be so different than how it looks now. We are so excited!

I'm loving this picture right now, and since I wasn't blogging around wedding time, just thought I would share! If it were in color, you would be able to see my blue shoes. :)


LeslieJerkins said...

Yay for spring and new house!

Jesse Faris said...

Woohoo--congrats on the house! I want to hear all about it!