the golden ticket

It's true. I have found the golden ticket. The coffee here at work tastes like tar. In the beginning, I drank it and just dealt with it, but now, I can't. It's terrible. After being in Oxford and being spoiled by Bottletree, I can't bring myself to drink such horrendous coffee. This is what I have found.

Via. Starbucks has created instant coffee. Ok, so it sounds kind of weird and gross at first, but if you work in an office with tar coffee, it is amazing. I got 2 free samples in the mail, and they came yesterday. I was so excited this morning when I knew that I could have coffee, and it wouldn't taste like tar. It would taste like Starbucks. They came up with the name "via" because it is an old Italian word for road. They thought it was the perfect name for a Starbucks coffee that you can enjoy wherever you go. I don't really see myself being an avid buyer of this product, but it is great. While sitting in my cube, trying to wake up, I can now enjoy drinking my coffee and not force it down unwillingly.


LeslieJerkins said...

Yay VIA! i havent tried mine yet but you've got me un-skeered

Linnae said...

you are so cute! that's so clever! boo for nasty office tar coffee!

Jesse said...

Ooo, I'm so happy your samples came--I've been waiting for mine! Maybe they will come soon..

I have worked in offices with tar-coffee and it is no fun. (As well as that icky powder creamer that remains the only fixin' option. Blech.)

I think Via would work well on trips/vacations when you want coffee in your hotel room. Because the samples they give in the rooms always taste like office-tar-coffee as well.