Today is THE day. It is the last day that Dudley will be home late. Last night he came home at midnight, and no, I didn't hear him come home. I was out.

On another note, I went to Target today on my break to walk around, and I bought some books. I am inspired to read more. I am currently finishing up the last twilight book, and then I have 3 new ones to choose from. I got A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Shack, and Marshmallows for Breakfast. I had heard of the first two of course, but then I saw Marshmallows for Breakfast, and the title (and cover, I won't deny it) caught my eye. I read the back, as I normally do to see if it sounds like something I would like, and I just had to try it. I haven't always been the best about reading, but this is my time. When I find the right book, I love reading. Hopefully marshmallows will be the right pick.

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Linnae said...

I'm intrigued. What is Marshmallows for Breakfast about?! And I want to hear how you like The Shack. Marg loved it. P.s. I'm going to shreve this weekend. You will be missed!