this is jack.

This is Jack Turman. He is my bestest buddy, and still calls me "Martha Guinn." I will forever be that to him. He is the cutest and most hilarious and smartest boy you'll ever meet, and I'm not lying.

His new thing right now is wearing a jersey EVERY day. Amy tries to dress him for church, cute like always, and he just wants to wear his jersey and undershirt.

I'm telling you, He is hilarious. If you don't already know him, you should get to know him because one day he will be a famous basketball player.

Love you Jack!


LeslieJerkins said...

yayayayay jack

Ellen said...

clam it, sudsy.

amy said...

In the words of Jack..."she's right, I am going to be famous for the Memphis Tigers!"

Brooke said...

Super Jack! I love you both!