music all around.

So yes, I do leave my house at 7:25ish to get to work by 8. I usually dread this drive, but lately I have really enjoyed it because I get to listen to the morning radio shows. With Sirius in my car for the last 5 years, I haven't listened to the radio as much, but there is honestly nothing as great as listening to radio shows in the morning.

During Christmas time, I stuck with 104.5 to hear all the tunes, but now I can't tell you how much I am loving that Memphis has an oldies station back. It has been too long. We have gone through many from oldies 98, to 95.7. I now love 94.1 KQK in the mornings not only for the tunes, but Steve and Karen are the voices of the show. I grew up on 99.7 on the way to school with my dad, and it was always Ron, Steve, and Karen.

So the point of this post is... This morning I realized that I am musically well rounded. I love listening to oldies music. This morning I could sing along to every song I heard, which was a lot for a morning talk show. "We built this city," "Love is a battlefield," "Devil with the Blue Dress," all came on this morning, and I was driving thinking about how I could listen to most every song that came on the station. I give credit to my parents for my love of oldies music. They always played it when we were growing, and when I was in dance my teacher always seemed to use oldies songs. At the time, of course, I thought it was nerdy listening to oldies, but now I appreciate it. I am more well-rounded when it comes to music options.

But then there is my sweet husband who is in love, and I mean in love, with ALL country music. When we met, of course, this didn't come out as much, but over the years I have had to learn how to tolerate it. Yes, all country songs have the same message and sound the same, but he truly feels that it is musically genius. He never thinks one song sounds like the other. Anyway, the point here is that I can also tolerate country music and there is an occasional song (yes I know, weird) that I actually like. Eeek!

So going along with all oldies, all Beatles, 70's, country, I have learned to love other music like Feist, Patty Griffin, Kate Walsh, Ray LaMontagne, Regina Spektor, Amos Lee, etc, etc... the list goes on... Shout out to Laura who has supplied me with even more tunes that I am in love with recently, such as, The Avett Brothers, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Weepies, and it continues.. Recently Jesse has informed me of (and also I've heard them on Pandora) Welcome Wagon, Bon Iver, and Fleet Foxes, and I'm loving it.

All in all, I end up loving the drive to work because I get to enjoy real classics, and an occasional game or trivia question. Here is the one from today...

Who was the mythological character who was abducted by Paris and had the face that launched 1000 ships?


Dudley said...

Point 1 - Country music IS genius.

Point 2 - The best morning show out there is Young and Elder on Kix 106 (105.9 if you'd like to tune in)

Point 3 - Country music is the the only genre that people, country fan or not, can relate to nearly every song on the radio. It tells a story, its real life.

Point 4 - To the ear of an amateur country fan, some songs could possibly sound similar. To the ear of an experienced "well-rounded" country fan such as myself, each song is unique and different.

Final Point - I love my wife, her hootenanny blog, and even her unsophisticated musical preferences :).

LeslieJerkins said...

Helen of Troy. Duh

Jesse Faris said...

If you REALLY want to be well-rounded, you should try out NPR "Morning Edition." They have fantastic interesting stories, and you will be fueled with conversation topics for the day.

Meredith said...

I love the new blog!! I'm also excited to hear about the new station in Memphis. I never know of the new ones now. 94.1 sounds great, but it also reminds me of high school when it was the Buzz...haha!!!

khovater said...

Oh Marf, welcome back!!!