hot fun in the springtime

It's definitely spring around here and it's definitely already in the 80's! Wowee... can't wait to see how the summer is....

T and I spent all weekend picking out plants and planting them for our patio.  We had a blast picking out "designs" and then searching the nurseries and even finding some new flowers/plants we'd never seen.  The weekend started getting some ferns from Leslie's MIL.  She has a ton of them and wanted to share some with us.  I got a few things to go with those in our front urns and I'm loving the creation... Also loving that these things all potentially might come back next year?  We will have to wait and see...

Southern Shield Fern, Licorice vine & 2 different color Caladium

For our patio....

Went in all this...

 Spikes, lifelime coleus, red begonias, orange symphony, red salvia, pretty much picasso supertunias, pink verbena, vinca vine, creeping jenny, and some dusty miller

 pink angelonia to go with the ranunculus (that's starting to sprout!)

 pot-o-coleus : jade green, some dark kind, and this cool tie-dye looking one! (forgot those color names)

 mint in the owl

 cilantro, basil and mint beside the strawberries

 asparagus fern, aka: foxtail!
This is the pot that T put together all by himself.  He saw these awesome whiskey barrels at our local nursery and they had a price-tag on them, so he wanted to get one to put in front of the chimney wall on the patio.  He put together his own pot of plants : licorice vine, sweet potato vine, those 3 coleus varieties, and purple fountain grass.  I think he did a great job.  :)

 starting to look like a fun patio finally!

AND our azaleas in the front of our house look absolutely amazing... and just in time for the Masters!  We planted these George L Taber azaleas in late summer 2010.  Last year the didn't bloom all that great and didn't last that long.  This year... they look absolutely stunning.  I can't even describe it.  Maybe our mild winter helped them look awesome and bloom for so much longer... we will never know.  My dad said they will probably never look this great again.  All the azaleas around Memphis are just beautiful and more than a usual spring.  It looks like this all the way across our house!

 I promise this won't turn into a gardening and what we are planting blog, but it's just so much fun right now!  Happy spring everyone!

Oh, and there is a desktop for April over here.... Go get it!


laura stephens said...

i wish so badly we could be sitting back there with y'all talking about life and havin' a big ole time. it'll have to be the fall. love!

Leslie @ sharpstickintheeye said...

Martha! I was just looking at these photos again, and your flowers have already grown so much! Amazing