over the weekend... and happy day

This weather in Memphis is just amazing... and everyone is talking about it, I know, but it just is.  We spent all weekend in the backyard, and Gibson was loving every second of it too.  We mowed front and back, planted our climbing roses (super pumped about these!), and I'm attempting and growing some strawberries.  We'll see how that goes.

The process for our backyard beds has begun.  We flagged off the shape the beds would be, then T scalped it as low as the mower would go, and he finished it off by spraying it with roundup.  We will be able to just till that in to make our beds and get them ready for shrub and flower planting.  It's already looking so much better.  The rest of the weekend we just sat out on the patio and enjoyed ourselves and the weather and watching our dog skip around.  Life is good.

This little rose bush (well 2 of them) will eventually climb all over.....

 This wall!

Wonder if these strawberries will grow?

Check out these curves...

Also, I'm late to this party, but who has done the gel/shellac manicure?? Why haven't I done this before?  It will look like this for 2 weeks. Amazing.

Last but not least.... It is my main man's birthday today.  I'm the luckiest girl in the world to get to spend life with T Dudley Carter.  Just sayin'.....  Happy Birthday bestest buddy.  Love you lots!

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Kathryn Flannigan said...

I love the look of gel/shellac! Just one word of caution, give your nails a break after 2 weeks. I have found that back to back manicures with shellac made my nails super thin and brittle. This could be only me, but my coworkers expressed the same concern. It's so hard for me to stay away from them when my nails look so good with the product!