birthday month

In our house it's birthday month!  Both our bdays fall in March so it's fun to have celebrations throughout the month.  I always hang our cute bday banner in the kitchen window...

(see our million buttercups in the backyard? there are even more along the wall under that window)

And enjoy sweets a little too much and justify it because "my birthday is in a week" or "t's birthday is next week." I would rather eat sweets for a meal any way.

T and I have been busy with building the table for the green egg grill we plan on purchasing.  We can't wait to get this thing.  You can cook/grill/bake anything on it.  You have to have some sort of stand, table, nest before you buy because you literally buy just the egg.  We wanted to save some moolah, so we (t-man) decided to build it ourselves.  Well it's just a beaut, but we have to let the wood "cure" before we can stain and seal it.... Patience.

See how great of a job he did?!

The egg will sit down in that hole.  A perfectly cut hole.

I was contemplating on whether or not to do a monthly desktop background.  Are you reader out there still enjoying it?  Please tell me if you are because I'll continue doing them if so.  In honor of March birthday month, check out March desktop here.

Happy Birthday month to the Carters!  :)

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