Our winter here in Memphis has been so mild this year, and our daffodils were tricked and came up very early!  I snatched some out of the yard over the weekend and we are enjoying these happy little flowers inside.

We don't necessarily love the placement of these little guys in our yard, but I do love seeing them pop up every year.  There are a lot of them in the back yard... but they do make me smile.

I know I posted about some busy season projects I was going to embark on this year, but somehow it's already the end of February and I haven't started on any of the ones I posted... I did, however, make this new fun shower curtain for our little bathroom.  It's much more fun and the old one just needed to be replaced.

I also re-painted our back door and carport door one day last week.  I was sitting on the couch doing some work with the back door open and thinking how the color of it was pretty terrible... then remembered we had some leftover sample cans of the paint we used to pick a shutter color.  They look new again!

Maybe this weekend I can get T to help me plan out the laundry closet so I can paint all that will go in there... we will see!

I hope everyone else is enjoying their buttercups, too, and savoring every moment of the day.  It's pretty sweet, this life, and I am just the happiest girl.  Look at our handsome little dog-child!

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