fontina dip & bread (but not together)

Back in December during the holidays, I found this dip via Pinterest (where everything comes from these days) that looked sinful.  We were headed to a Christmas party and need to bring an appetizer, so this was the perfect occasion for this dip.  Fontina dip.

T headed to the grocery for me for the supplies. 1.5 lb fontina cheese and the herbs is all we needed.  I get a call from him a few minutes later saying this dip would be VERY expensive (who knew fontina was so pricey? not I), so he was just going to get a pound of it (and it would still be pretty expensive).  But boy was this the best cheese dip/appetizer thing ever.  Recipe from here.  We made it again last night for our super bowl feast. Yum!

Pre broil....

Post broil... YUM.

Friday I also had my first adventure at homemade bread.  I used my stand mixer with dough hook, and it look quite a bit longer than this recipe said for it to form a ball.  I wasn't discouraged though and just continued the recipe and it turned out very very delicious.

And for some cheesy February cheer, I hung these little hearts on the mantle yesterday!


Leslie @ sharpstickintheeye said...

i NEED some of that bread!!! (and cheese obvi)

Laura said...

I love that Fontina dip!!! I first saw in on barefoot contessa. Your mantle is so cute!!!!