Normally February is so blah, but with the weather we've had in Mempho lately, it might just be great!  It feels like spring outside and the daffodils are tricked and already blooming in my backyard.

I need to start on my projects this month... been putting them off for a few weeks because T hasn't been swamped just yet.

We do have a new faucet on the sink in the kitchen (been wanting to switch out since we moved in) thanks to Gary Lemmons.  Love it and love that it's clean.

How cute is this little girl in her tiny toms and jeggings?  She's a sweet little niece, that Juliette.

Laura (over in Italy) asked if she could do a monthly desktop, so shout out to her for such a cute February!  I loved that little girl she painted, and she jazzed up the colors for the desktop!  Thanks fren!

Find February desktop here.


Leslie @ sharpstickintheeye said...

i like that faucet, that desktop pattern and THAT BABY

Heather said...

Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)