some recent favorites

I thought I'd share a few things on my 'favorites' list.  Then later on, I can look back to see the things I was enjoying at this time of life...

• My Monday night Bible Study : My bff aud invited me to join her bible study group this year on Monday nights and I've been loving it.  We are studying the gospel through the book of Galatians and it has really been changing my thoughts to be more in line with the gospel.  It is always encouraging to know that there are 10 other women who struggle and battle with the same sinful thoughts as I do and we can spend a couple hours in discussion and prayer for each other.  Tim Keller's Galatians study is amazing and I'm truly blessed to be a part of such a real group.
• Morning Coffee, as always.

• Our backyard and gardening with T (as you can tell from this post).  When we first moved into this house he wasn't that interested in having any plants, but last year he really started to get into it with me and we've loved looking for different kinds of plants to enjoy and loved spending time outside together.

Arizona tea's Arnold Palmer packets.  I don't love sweet tea or unsweet tea, but I do love the combo of unsweet tea and lemonade.  Much more satisfying.  I'd been mixing a Crystal Light unsweet tea and lemonade packet (to make my own Arnold P), and then Leslie Poe told me that there were now pre-made Arizona AP packets.  GENIUS!

• Hanging out with Geritta and Gerisha and getting to know them has been so fun!  They are twins that Mandi and I mentor together at Streets Ministries and we see them weekly for tutoring time.  This past week we got to go to the Grizzlies game with them.  I never truly understood the whole "twins" thing, but now I do.  They love to be together and feed off each other, but they also want to be completely independent.  Mandi and I love to watch them grow and laugh and tell us hilarious stories.

 Mandi & Gerisha

Geritta and I

When we first met them in 2010 they looked SOO much alike and it was hard to tell them apart, but now it's so easy and they don't look alike at all to me.  Isn't that what all parents of multiples say?? Now we understand.  :)

• And this face, as always.  He really is the cutest dog in all the world.  We tried to get him to wear some bunny ears for the upcoming holiday, but he didn't understand.  I guess he felt safe in his bed.

Life is so great around here!  God has really blessed us and we are loving this stage of our lives.

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