busy season projects : 2012

I've been trying to come up with my projects to occupy my time during busy season this year, and there isn't really one big project to do, just a few smaller ones.

You can read about what I did [during busy season] last year here, which is funny to look at now... My mom needed to borrow our duvet last summer (we weren't using it because our bedroom is a FURNACE in the summer so we have a light coverlet), and then she ended up loving it in her house and asked if she could keep it!  I was happy for her to have it and she so kindly got us a new duvet.

So this year here's my list:

1. Finish painting trim on stairs
2. Organize pots and pans cabinet, and figure how to affix a "shield" under the drawer above to prevent wood shavings from getting into my pots and pans. Yes, our cabinets are old and sliding the drawers open and close causes wood pieces to fall into the space below.

proof of wood shavings (don't worry we rinse everything before we use)

Jumbled mess of pots and pans-- going to see what Lowe's has available for an organization drawer or something of that nature

see the wood shaving remnants in the bottom? fun!

3. "Re-do" our laundry closet to utilize the space in there better.

 Some things I want to incorporate into this laundry closet...

long shelf above the machines
 via Pinterest

Two wall cabinets (to store paper towels, shout spray, floor cleaner, light bulbs, all that stuff on shelf)
And a bar for hanging and a drying rack to pull down when needed

We also need a good spot to store the unused laundry baskets, so maybe a top shelf?  And better hooks for brooms, swiffer, mop, etc.

I'll also paint it a fun color!  Stay tuned on what we come up with.  I'm obviously going to get T's opinions and some help here when it comes to hanging cabinets and measuring.  He's very precise and we always do bigger house projects like this together.

We'll draw up a little plan and then I'll work on the other two projects on my own and tackle this one last.  Here goes!


Oliver Williams said...

I do a "busy season" project to! Last year: learn to sew, Year before last: MS Bar Exam, This Year: Single motherhood :)

laura stephens said...

so fun! i wish i was there to help with your projects. soon enough.