I've never really been a reader.  I love the idea of being an avid reader, but I can never seem to really get into it.  I also love the look of books.  Now I will say, I've read plenty of books and all of the classics (thanks to St. Mary's), but reading for pleasure has never really been my thing.

When T and I went to Italy last May, I asked my mom if I could borrow her Kindle because I was in the middle of reading the help, but didn't want to lug that huge book all over Italy.  I loved reading on the kindle.  To me, it went by so quick.  Maybe it's because I don't see the amount of the book that's remaining?  It's more of a mystery (percentage) how much is left and not as daunting?  Maybe the visual person I am just likes the unknown of how long a book really is?

Over the holidays I acquired my own Kindle and I read 3 books on it in a week!  That's some kind of record for me.  It was the Hunger Game series (quick read), but I also think the Kindle itself attributed to my finishing so quickly.

This year (as kind of a new years resolution) I've set a goal for myself on number of books to read.  At first I was going to do 20, but decided to start small at 12.  One book per month.  Seems doable for me.  Technically I read all 3 Hunger Games book in 2012, so I'm already at 3!

I have a couple books on the list to read next, but has anyone read a quick and really good book lately?  I'm open for suggestions--fiction or non-fiction!


ultralove said...

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness
North! Or Be Eaten
Monster in the Hollows

all by Andrew Peterson

laura stephens said...

life of pi by yann martel. high fidelity by nick hornby. anything by bill bryson...a walk in the woods, the lost continent, i'm a stranger here myself, in a sunburned country. his books are hilarious and so interesting, they are all about his travels around the world.

lucy said...

I recommend Unbroken and Same Kind of Different As Me. Both are true stories and good reads.

Jonathan said...

I've been reading Robbins' Basic Pathology for the last 9 months or so. The chapter on hemodynamic disorders, thrombosis, and shock is my fave (especially when von Willebrand factor causes platlet aggregation after endothelial injury. Thrombus City here we come!)