too much tv?

Thanks for the book suggestions!  I'm definitely going to read the titles mentioned some time this year, but my friend Ellison mentioned "A Praying Life" [by Paul Miller] while we were getting coffee over Christmas.  Said it was awesome.  It's been on my list ever since, so I think I'll start with that one.

So T and I have a list of TV shows that we enjoy watching together (probably too many, but we have narrowed it down quite a bit)... Downton Abbey, Hawaii 5-O, Parenthood, Modern Family, SVU, and occasionally the Pioneer Woman when she comes on Food Network.

Modern Family is hands down the funniest on the list.  I can't help but laugh every time Cam is on screen, and even Phil.  And T even laughs out loud at the show, which he normally doesn't do.  The episode last night (if you haven't already seen it, spoiler alert!) with Phil's autotune was hysterical.  T rewound it a few times and laughed every time.  I think the funniest part is that it would actually happen in real life.  Someone out there would auto-tune that in a second if that event had occurred.  If you don't already watch Modern Family, you should start with season 1--it's on Netflix!

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The Davis Daily said...

Hands down Modern Family, i laugh outloud all the time when i watch that show.