busy season projects: done

During busy season this year, I came up with a few projects to keep me occupied while T crunched away at all hours of the night.  The projects were as follows....

1. New duvet cover and pillows -- see below
2. Cafe curtains -- check!
3. Change all doorknobs in the house -- see below

All are now complete!  Here is how the duvet cover turned out.  Someone named T. Dudley REALLY likes it. Seriously.

I sewed the top together, and then my good friend Amy, whom I met at BSF, helped me put it all together with button holes and the whole deal.

The doorknob project was including changing the hinges, but that's a two person job.  New doorknobs make things feel so fresh and clean (well maybe if you'd experienced the old ones).  They all look like this:

Even the guest bath looks so much cleaner (with our beautiful yellow tile).

The sliding closet doors were a little more tricky because they don't make the exact size of the old ones...

[nice, eh?]

But my dad's dremel tool came in handy, and I proved to T that these new handles wouldn't be rigged (right, buddy?).

[sorry for all iPhone photos.. one day I'll try to use a real camera again]

3rd busy season down.  Now time to veg out with the man and pup and enjoy each other!