lemon orzo soup

A couple weeks ago, Audrey invited me to attend a soup swap her sister was hosting.  I didn't want to make a taco soup or chili or anything that someone else might make.  One time, Leslie made this Lemon Orzo soup that was delicious, so I went with that idea.

Got the recipe from my good friend Jesse, and she had a couple different recipes for it.  One from Rachael Ray, and one that she had figured out that tasted like Cafe Eclectic's Lemon Greek Soup [mmm].

I kind of meshed together the two different recipes--I wanted to use orzo, and she used rice, I wanted to use the whole egg instead of just yolks... etc.  So here is what I ended up doing (of course tripled for soup swap).... and it was a delicious!

Lemon Orzo Soup
2 (32 oz) containers of chicken broth
1 cup orzo pasta
Juice of 1 lemon
1 large egg

1. Boil broth.
2. [In the meantime] beat eggs together with lemon juice in a bowl.
3. Add orzo to boiling broth and cook to directions on box (8-9 minutes).
4. Temper the egg-- pour 1-2 c of hot broth into bowl and whisk in the egg.
5. Pour back into pot and stir.
6. Add some fresh ground pepper.


Mandi said...

looks good, Martha! Reminds me... we should get that swap going we talked about :)

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