a round dining table?

Is it November already?

When Dudley and I moved into Fiesta, we knew that we would have an empty house for awhile. All we had from our apt was a couch, chair, ottoman, TV, china hutch, kitchen table, bed, dresser, vanity, desk.

We have added a few things to the mix... new TV console, 2 stacked benches serving as a sideboard in the den, new coffee table, sidetable for the den (borrowed from my parents for a little while), my full bed from college in guest room #1, a tall chest of drawers from college in guest room #1, my old daybed [that I spray painted, remember? still no pinecones, sadly], and the red chair that was in my room at my parents house.

Currently, we have done a few exterior things to the house, and I can't wait to share it all here. Just another week or so and it will be complete [still no landscaping though].

The next piece of furniture that I'm focusing on is a dining room table. This has been discussion between me and T for awhile now, and he is gungho about getting a rectangle one that is kind of farm table-y looking. Well I was right there with him until I realized that A) they are freaking expensive and B) we are limited to the length we could get for such table.

I was at a lady's house in my parents neighborhood for a DG Alum event [yes, I know], and she had a round skirted dining room table. It looked so cozy and so unique. Another reason I like the idea of this is that it is an inexpensive way to get a dining room table that looks nice. We would be able to spend money on nice chairs and not have to fork over the cash for both nice chairs and nice table. Not many people have the room to have one, but I think that the layout of our room is perfect for this. I should have taken a picture, but dodo me didn't think about that at the time. Here are a few I found via google images, sorry I don't have the proper sources.

A little more elegant, but the round and skirt and chairs... Nice.

I little more simple with a glass top. This is what I would want so then you can just wipe it down and it's clean!

Same comment as above. This is more like what I'm going for with color, glass, shape, etc. It just looks cozy to me.

This is lovely. Love the multiple draped layers. Glass over the top, and it would be perfection.

Now this one is very cool, the other side has a cushioned bench. Also, love the double layer of skirts and those chairs.

Another reason this is a plus is you can see everyone when you're chatting at meal times. I grew up at a round table, and I loved how you could always see each person without any straint.

What are your thoughts? I hope Dudley will hop on board so we can start picking out fabrics!


Mandi said...

I love round tables! They are cozy and, open up the feel of the room and I think it would be perfect for your dining room! (farm tables are great too, though). tough one...

amy said...

you know we LOVE the farm table! Think of all the people and future kids and my kids that we can squeeze around my table.... there are so many dining room events to come - Apples to Apples, Pumpkin Carving, Ginger Bread Houses, Birthdays, Pizza Dinners, Halloween Costume Making - the list goes on and on.. and some of these will be at your home one day too!

katie said...

i love the idea of the skirted round table...think of how easy it would be to change it out for different seasons, parties, whatever! and you & leslie could sew up some cute "permanent" placemats to put under the glass. lots of opportunity for personalization with that setup!

Jesse Faris said...

I LOVE me a round dining table. We currently have an inexpensive one from Ikea, which seats four in a circle or opens up to an oval to seat six. (Not bad for Ikea, eh?) There's just something about everyone being "equal" at the table that I like.