the carters love this time of year

Dudley and I absolutely love October-December. We love the weather, it's the beginning of hunting season for TDud, pumpkins, soup, chili, our anniversary, our new pup, Thanksgiving, Christmas, fires, blankets, colors. [I could go on and on or see list on previous post]

We have already enjoyed some colder weather, some good soup, pumpkin cookies, but we can't wait to have that first fireplace in our house with our christmas tree and all the little decorations we collected last year and through this year.

I love Christmas cards. I love sending them out, and I love receiving them. The Guinns always sent out a Christmas card, and I loved getting home in the afternoon and getting the mail to see what we had gotten.

Last year TDud and I sent our first Christmas card as a family. Thanks to Stacey's mad skill, we had the best Christmas card ever. This is what it looked like:

I have already gotten my design together [with some help from sissy]. I do design work here at work, so I have taught myself how to use indesign, photoshop, and illustrator. I at least know enough to get by and create what I need to create. With this, I have been able to help Leslie with some stationary/invite items, and have also been able to do some things for myself, such as our 2009 Christmas card. This cute little guy will get to be included this year. He is the sweetest.

I can't wait to send out the holiday cheer from the Carters!


Unknown said...

Cant wait to see it!

Dudley said...

G-Money loves the couch....

Jesse Faris said...

Have. To. Meet. Him.
Can Gibson know me as Auntie Jess, please?

Linnae said...

4 words: pumpkin cookies and Gibson!