exterior house phase 1

T and I have been showing some TLC to the outside of our house. It was getting to the point that I would pull in the driveway and look at the house and be like, "ugh, it's time. It's time to get rid of the stark white tattered trim and rusty gutters that are causing leakage into our house."

So we bit the bullet. And I mean bit the bullet.

We got our trim painted, and it looks so nice. Painting the muntin bars and the storm windows has totally changed the look of all our windows. New shutters [one day] will change it even more. After 3 different samples for trim color, we chose Sherwin Williams Grecian Ivory, and then we matched the gutter color, herringbone, once the trim was finished. We got our gutters from Bartlett Gutter and they did an amazing job. I love our brand new seamless gutters [as much as you can love gutters]. By the time I got home at lunch yesterday they were done and it hadn't even looked like anyone had been at the house. [except that our house had gutters] Anyway...

Here is a little refresher of what the front looked like on day 1.

Wow. The paint job worked wonders, let me tell you. Next we installed some new porch lights and house numbers. They look great. House numbers and lights from Lowe's.

Nope, still no landscaping. It's sad, but true. I honestly feel though that those bushes were hindering the beauty of those big front windows.

Phase 2 will be coming shortly, like hopefully within the next week. I know y'all are on the edges of your seats in suspense of what it might be.


LeslieJ said...

yay for phase 1. you should show how beautifully painted the garage is at some point

ultraaddington said...

your new trim and light fixtures are hot.

Leslie said...

Martha! It's Leslie from BSF...just stopping by to say hello. Your house is adorable...can't wait to see Phase 2!