crazy girl

So as I stated before here, I have found the new workout that I love. Spinning is awesome. You can push yourself as much as you want, or you can take it a tiny bit easier if you're just having an off day. Well last night was an on day and I was pushing it. The room was definitely hotter than usual and I was just dripping sweat. It was wonderful.

So the class was over and Elise told us we were going to go do some weights. Ok, no biggie. We did some chest, back and biceps. Let me just say Elise is crazy. Crazy about working out, and it is great working out with her because she makes you do it. She really is crazy. So one of the trainers was talking to her and she asked him to make us do something... Oh great. Ellen and I didn't like the looks of this. He got this squishy medicine ball and wanted us to do all these push-up tricks on it. Well Elise did most of them, and then fell on her face. I did a few of them and then fell, too.

Then I hear, "make us do something else!" So he says we were going to go do an active circuit. Ok, no biggie. This is what we did:

Sprint around track (as fast as you can)
Jumping jacks with a dumbell - 30 seconds
Jumping from side to side on a half ball - 30 seconds

Here is where I thought I was going to die....

This series - jumping jacks (3 counts=1), sit ups, push ups, scissor kicks

This many times - 20, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 20

Then sprint.

Needless to say, I didn't take in enough calories that day to make this work. I pushed through it because I look over and crazy girl has a smile on her face saying, "come on, you got it Marth."

Ellen and I pushed through it and then we went to Cracker Barrel. Delicious.

Today I feel great. I love being sore.


ultralove said...

one day, you can be as crazy as i am!

The Davis Daily said...

Where are you working out?

Pam said...

you three are amazing and inspiring! love you, Mom

Martha said...

hayley - I go to wellworx. it's off i40 and sycamore view!