pretend j.crew

I love things from j.crew, but like everyone else, I do not love the price tag. They make this watch. It is awesome, it's for men, and I love it.

$150, really??? I have always been an avid watch-wearer, so I tried to rationalize this being a good investment, but I just couldn't do it. I tried to find it on timex for cheaper, but it's specially made for j.crew. Of course. Then I browsed around on the timex website because I wanted an analog watch with a big face and date. Something simple.

I found this guy.

It had the things I wanted, analog, date, indiglo (yes!), and waterproof. AND it's only $35! The band wasn't my favorite though, but j.crew sells those watchbands in all colors. I was putting it all together in my head.

While T and I were at our local Sears last fall buying the appliances, I moseyed on over to the watches to see if they had any of these or anything similar. Well there I spotted it. And it was on sale.

T completed this project when he gave me a watchband from j.crew in my stocking at Christmas, and it's just great. Now I have my very own pretend j.crew watch.

I think these colors would be great for spring and summer, don't you?


Leslie @ sharpstickintheeye said...

would've fooled me! very resourceful, Sissy

Ann Marie said...

my sister has that timex watch that jcrew has...she bought it about 15 years ago though. perhaps jcrew had them reintroduce it for them exclusively. wish i would have bought it 15 years ago too. it's such a great watch. i think the one you found is perfect!