i am a mother

to a sweet little pup.

He is just the sweetest thing and has been the perfect addition to our little family.

From the time we got him until last week, this was the usual position around 9:30 pm [we are both zonked] at our house... [photos taken with Shakeit by Tdud]

Now he has his own bed and looks so cute curled up on such a big bed for such a little guy. [photos taken with Shakeit by Tdud]

I do miss snuggle times, so sometimes I let him back up to cuddle. He is a wonderful cuddle pup.

You just can't resist this face...

Or this one when you get back from a run... [photo taken with Shakeit by me]

Don't worry, he loves his dad, too. [photo taken with Shakeit by me]

And his dad is pretty much obsessed with him.

I will say that saving this little guys life has been wonderful. We encourage you to do it if you're thinking about getting a dog. We adopted him from an organization in Olive Branch, MS called Save1Pet. All of the dogs they had were so sweet, but we fell in love with our Gibson. Take a look at their animals, and don't worry, they aren't mistreated in an animal shelter. [for those of us in Memphis who know about the recent tragedy at the Memphis Animal Shelter] These pets are in foster homes, and are loved on daily by their foster parents. If you want to hear more about them visit the website or email me!


LeslieJ said...

i love you Gibby!!!!!!!!!

love your Auntie Sissy

Mandi said...

He's so sweet, I want some snuggle action too :)