little touches

This is for sister.

She so kindly organized my upper cabinets with dishes, glasses, mccarty, etc. It looks s'nice.

She also arranged my cute Christmas dishes underneath... (no, I haven't taken the tags off yet. I got them after Christmas '08)

These cute things sit in my window sill

And I have hung up some curtains in the den. I didn't want to show too much detail yet because I haven't had the chance to steam or hem them.

More to come later... My goal is to have the guest room ready by Friday for our first guest. We can do it! After our nice weekend off, we must get back to it!


Mandi said...

Yay for house pictures! It's really coming together Martha and looks wonderful. Yes, you can do it!

LeslieJ said...

Thanks Sissy! It's beautiful

Margie said...

You finally put up pics!!! It looks so great!

Linnae said...

in love with the cabinets! and the dishes in them =)

The Millers said...

I love your dishes! And your Christmas dishes!