carter/stephens trip '09

The Stephens and Carters ventured out on a lovely weekend at Thunderbird lake in Cherokee Village, AR for a nice 3 day weekend. Her grandparents live on this quaint little lake and it was a perfect getaway for us. We got some quality time with Jerry and Frankie (grandad and grandmother), tasty food constantly, good antiquing, a hot day of golf for the boys, crafting, phase 10, skiing, water lacrosse, tubing, naps, church, did I say good food?

We left Thursday night after work, which gave us a full day on Friday for all of the above. We had a wonderful time, and we all wish we could have stayed for another week. They have the most precious dog in the whole world, and I could have taken him home with me. Trusty is a good ole boy and he is the sweetest. He wandered up to the lake house 3 years ago, and Laura kept telling me how much I would love him. Well I truly did fall in love with this dog. Too bad he's already taken. He loves his dad like no other dog I have seen love their dad. He has a broken toe, so he had a cast on his foot and it was hilarious. I could go on about Trusty for hours, but I'll leave it at this: He loves to play with crawdads and eat popsicles.

A recap of our weekend in pictures.

Ryan, you turned the wrong way.

Beautiful scene.

Sweet Trusty.

Grandmother has creeping jenny everywhere, and all of it is thick like this. I know you're jealous, aren't you sissy?

True love.

Oh, T Dud..

Zip up your lifevest silly. I really just put this photo up so you could see the house in the background.

Nice scissor kick, Ryan.


It's just perfect there.

Thanks for the awesome weekend Stephens! Want to go back next weekend?


LeslieJ said...

ooooh i love you Trusty!

Linnae said...

first of all, i'm impressed by your jumping capabilities.

secondly, Trusty is too cute!

Ellen said...

looks soooo fun and all of you people are so pretty, especially trusty. i love the awesome photos your fancy new camera takes! these are lovely!