i am not a paper cup

When mom and I were driving to Dallas back at the end of may/beginning of june, she was flipping through a magazine and saw this little thing. I told her I had seen them before, but she hadn't and she just loved them. Later over the weekend I saw them in Urban Outfitters, and called her immediately. She wanted to get one and also get one for me and Leslie. Well I have used mine pretty much every day since then. It is exactly like drinking out of a nice Starbucks lid, but the coffee stays warmer and you don't have to throw it away.

I have a new routine these days. Bring this to work with creamer in it because I never have time to make coffee in the mornings, and then get coffee here. It is a little more bearable when I have my fat free french vanilla coffeemate included in the nasty work coffee.

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LeslieJ said...

i wish my lid didnt leak. they never wrote me back.