this necklace

Dudley gave me a Jane Hollinger heart necklace for Christmas in 2006, and I have worn it everyday since then. I love it. I really love simple looking necklaces and right now there is a new love. This little gem...

I ran across it whilst perusing my usual blogs a month or so ago, and it's still been on the brain.

It came from here, Figs and Ginger. I love this because they use eco-friendly sterling, and each piece is made by hand. Their logo font also happens to be a font Leslie and I found awhile ago that we are loving. It's called Pendulum.

I love staple, everyday pieces of jewelry, and this would definitely be one of those for me. Dogeared is another brand that has simple items. What's your fancy? Different accessory for everyday or same staple pieces?


LeslieJerkins said...

i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the dogeared necklace you gave us!

LeslieJerkins said...

the dogeared necklace is a single pearl on a gold strand that is on a lovely short-ish chain. You can wear it with anything.
I have found myself moving away from chunky necklaces in favor of wearing this necklace and a coin necklace that I have from BR. Recently, Jonny's grandmother gave me a gold necklace with a pendant full of Alaskan gold chips that I love--point being, it is very simple.
But i'm not ready to denounce completely colorful, chunky necklaces just yet.

Ellen said...

These days, everyday, I am wearing my dogeared pearl you gave us to wear for your wedding, and it's my favorite.

Jennifer said...

Hey Leslie. I have this necklace!!! Its awesome I wear it like everyday. My hubby gave it to me for valentines day this past year. I have boughten a few things from figs and ginger and they are always amazing!
Good pick!!


Jennifer said...

omg I dont know why I wrote leslie. I think I saw the first two comments and saw lelise and that stuck when I wrote mine. Sorry Martha.

Martha said...

Thanks Jen! Maybe my sweet hubby will buy one for me too!

LeslieJerkins said...

everyone always calls her Leslie

Martha said...

you're hilarious.