we had a great time.

We have been on family vacation in Texas. We stayed in an awesome lake house on Lake McQueeney... you can see a few photos Leslie put up here.

I was the lucky one whose camera died on the trip to Little Rock trying to take a picture of a license plate spotted we thought was hilarious - it stated "Glebus." It was on both the front and back of this truck from New York. We kept seeing them, and I tried to take a picture in the car. It didn't work and caused my battery to die. Therefore, I have none of my own pictures. I will have to get the ones I took from Leslie and my mom's camera.

Dudley waterskiied for the first time (on his first try of course), and we also joined fellow Texan rednecks at the "world's best waterpark," Schlitterbahn. We definitely all pranced around in our swimsuits and shoes, and carried tubes from one ride to the next. Jokes were made throughout the day with a "schl" at the beginning of every word. Schlitterbug, Schlitter speakers, schlitter songs, you get the idea. The whole day was pretty entertaining, and I schlammed Leslie in a water schlide race.

Now looking forward to seeing our floors finished, and then starting to move, and then of course the 4th of July!

The Family Vacation tshirts were a hit, can't wait for the 4th of July ones to get here.


LeslieJerkins said...

thanks for being my schlitterbuddy

Martha said...

I'll always be your schlitterbuddy.