thank goodness for paint

Paint does wonders. It's true. We have been working our hearts out at Fiesta Drive, and sacrificing much rest and relaxation to make this our home. When looking through pictures I realized that we have come SO far, but in the midst of working I feel like I will never be done.

We had such a productive Memorial day weekend. My dad supplied our "construction zone" with some festive flags for the holiday weekend.

If you don't know this already about our family, we love all things America and flags. My dad has supplied our neighborhood with flags on every light pole and has created an amazing annual 4th of July parade. It is something I always want to be in town for no matter what.

We enjoyed a nice family picnic at church. Pam and Steve's concert band played some festive music while we all enjoyed BBQ, chips, desserts, and of course, moon bounce and all sorts of inflatables for the kids. Jack is just the cutest.

We then went over to see the Turman family tree house/fort that Russ has built in the back yard. This thing is awesome. Dudley and Cooper dominated in a little touch football in the meantime. This was such a nice break from our busy work weekend. Thank you Turmans for always entertaining us!

This is what the kitchen looked like when we bought it.

This is what the kitchen looks like now... in progress.. yes, we are getting new hardwoods in there, I can hardly contain myself.

There are so many pictures to share, but it's very late and it's a busy week. You can kind of see the den paneling painted through the doorframe, but just you wait til you see the before and afters of that! Will post more soon!


Mandi said...

You've made such great progress so fast! The kitchen is going to be beautiful and I can't wait to see the transformation of the den paneling! :)

ahurst said...

Looking awesome!!! We'll never be completely "done" with our houses- we have to learn to love them wherever they are (can you tell I'm giving myself a pep talk?)
Can't wait to come see in person!

Linnae said...

Oh my gosh! I am so impressed. It looks so awesome already!! Wow. you guys are too cute! I love it!

Jesse Faris said...

Ohhhhh, it looks awesome! I like the colonial (maybe?) feeling of the white painted brick. Just think--a couple years from now you will hardly remember all the inconvenience of your renovations, but you will have a beautiful house to remind you of your hard work!

Jesse Faris said...

PS: Did you get a new camera?

LeslieJerkins said...

Great job sissy! i cant wait to see what you've chosen while I was gone!