everything's BBQ

Today is the kick-off to the BBQ fest of Memphis in May. Dudley's accounting firm (KPMG) counts the votes of the contest, so they have a huge tent with flooring, carpet, etc. They are bringing in a BBQer from Tupelo, and I'm excited about this! I haven't been to BBQ fest in years because it isn't that fun if you don't have anyone's tent to go to. Hundreds of world class grillers gather in Tom Lee Park, and I can't wait to see all the contestants. See who's competing here. I never knew that many team names could all revolve around pork/pig. I think my favorite might be "Barefoot in the Pork." The contest wouldn't be complete without the "Ms. Piggie" competition where grown men dress up in ridiculous tutus. The best prize is the bragging rights of being the best griller.

This is also Dudley's first time, so we will enjoy ourselves down by the river tonight and tomorrow night. Tomorrow night is "family night" at their tent, so we have a bunch of family and good friends joining us. It will be a good time. Maybe I'll actually eat some BBQ tonight... Still up in the air!

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Jesse Faris said...

Aw, hope you guys have fun! (I am a fan of the logo, by the way--the "Q" shape is nifty.)