we're floating here

I have never seen this much rain in my life in this city.  It has been going non-stop.  April showers bring May flowers, and I hope the April showers are done so we can enjoy the beautiful flowers and all the colors of spring.  Until then, we will be floating here in Memphis.  All joking aside, it is very serious for the city and many people are having to evacuate their homes.  Let's keep these families in our thoughts and hope for the least amount of flood damage.

Longing for a break from the rain, T and I will be traveling in Italia starting this Saturday!  Here's the forecast for next week in Florence.  Looks like absolute perfection.

Wednesday of next week, we will be bike riding through the Tuscan hillside.  And I'm holding on to hope that T will be wearing a non-camo hat.  Regardless, he will be wearing a hat.  Wind and his hair (apparently) don't mix.  I've seen him with a wind-blown look, and I personally think he looks awesome.... Oh look, here's a photo of it!

See!  Lookin' good with the wind-blown look!  We will see what happens... It's a mystery when it comes to T and his curls.  But I do love his curls.

Oh yeah, I bet you might be looking for a May desktop calendar.  I didn't forget... just got side-tracked with my husbands curls.

Anyone else have big plans during May?

May 1024 x 768
May 1600 x 1200
May 1680 x 1050


ultralove said...

the curls... ahhhhh the curls.... they look good wind blown. and i heard a secret that the wind in italy is especially kind to gentlemen with exceptionally good-looking curls. go sans hat, t-dud. blend in with the natives.

also- FINALLY with the may desktop.

Leslie said...

YAY! Can't wait to hear all about your trip! Viva Italia! (Or something like that! :)

laura stephens said...

it will be perfection cause you'll be with US! and i'm sure the weather will be great, can't wait!! oh and i LOVE the may desktop.

Leslie @ sharpstickintheeye said...

Love the wind-blown look, Uncle T.

ThoseJones said...

been waiting on that desktop calendar! i share them with the girls in my office!

-Erica Jones

lauren @ gathering moss said...

this is my fave hootenanny desktop eva. it might have to be may for a couple of months, because i don't think i'll be able to let go in three weeks ;)