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We love food around here, and love to eat good food.  Lately we've really been trying to eat more "natural" things.  I've been making homemade items instead of store bought, i.e. biscuits (thanks Leslie P!), cookies, waffles, and I've found recipes to make my own tortillas (haven't tried yet)!  I am now more cautious of ingredients listed on the label, and find myself putting items back when there are too many or I don't even know what half of them are.  High fructose corn syrup also goes back on the shelf.

My good pal Audrey showed me this blog and there are so many great/easy recipes on there.  The other day I made some homemade goldfish, which T loved, and then today I wanted something sweet so I made this delicious smoothie!

Why buy pre-made/processed items when you can make them and know the ingredients that are in there?

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Beth Miller said...

Could not agree more! I love that blog you mentioned by the way!