It is November, and just 4 more Saturdays until the marathon.  I can't believe it, and I also can't believe that I ran 18 miles this past Sunday, what in the heck?  I'm crazy.

While I train/run all week I listen to my tunes and just try to get in the zone, and I look at a lot of foliage as I go [I think I've talked about this before].  I notice grass types, flowers, trees, and lately I've been noticing even more types of leaves because they are all on the ground (where I usually look).  I've been trying to learn how to determine the different types, oak leaves, maples leaves, dogwood leaves, magnolia leaves, and mostly ginkgo leaves.  I don't think there is a prettier tree than a ginkgo.  The leaves are a perfect and unusual shape, and the most beautiful yellow you've ever seen.  I know you all probably know what it looks like, but these are just beautiful, and I think I've convinced the t.dud that we need one in our backyard.

November is the time to see the pretty yellow and the cute little leaves on the ground.  Our November is booked solid with long runs consuming our weekends, plus a little anniversary getaway, plus thanksgiving holidays in Scooba, but this weekend I'm headed to one of the best places on earth [but will be missing one part of that].

miss you, fren.

Heading with Leslie & Cindi to visit the lake and enjoy the fall colors/foliage and some antiquing, and of course, 'Grandmother & Granddad.'  Leslie can hardly contain herself to see this beautiful place, and visit these two.  Enjoy November everyone, and savor every moment.


Leslie said...

Ginkos are my fave. I've told Jonathan that its the first thing I'm planting when we buy a house!

Leslie @ sharpstickintheeye said...

me like bread.