let's do this

Well this week is the beginning of my marathon training for the Memphis Marathon in December.  The December after we were married in 2008, I ran my first half marathon and loved it! I was going to do it again last year, but come September when it was time to start training, it had already filled up! So I have been off and on in the running department since then.

So 2010 rolls around and I feel the need to run a full marathon. My friend Linnae had completed the Chicago Marathon, and she just talked about how much she enjoyed it. Then Margie ran one in Dallas in December, and felt the same way! And then Elise trained for the Nashville one earlier this year [you can read about her adventures on her blog]. I was just hearing about them all around me and it fired me up! I want to do this!

Welcome to the Marathon training journey. It's going to be a long process, but I hope to actually try to enjoy it [even in the humid hot Memphis summer].

I got my new marathon running shoes, and you know what's funny about it? I'm not a pink person, don't like it, never really have, but guess what color my running shoes are. PINK! Ironic, eh? But you can't buy running shoes based on color, duh.

T also got me that fancy Garmin you spy, yes, it's amazing. With help from some friends [Katie M, Margie L, & Linnae H] I told T the Garmin I wished for for my birthday. He's very sweet like that and the Garmin is very sweet. This will be my best training buddy.

If there was one thing I learned during half marathon training, it's to have good socks. I bought bolagas when I trained then and [have] loved them. It makes a big difference having good socks. I treated myself to a new pair, and I'm going to try out these smart wool ones. The guy over at Fleet Feet says these are the only ones he runs in. Hopefully I'll feel the same way.

I got pumped up to make a new running playlist for the beginning of this. It's entitled running 4 twenty ten. It includes Lady Gaga, bad romance, the best song to do any form of exercise to. I grew to love it in spin class, and still do [I hope everyone saw it on Glee, if not, go watch it here, you won't be sorry].

Here we go, let's do this!


Linnae said...

Oh my gosh I'm so pumped for you!! you are going to do amazingly! SO proud of you!

The Davis Daily said...

ohh...my goal is to try and run the half marathon to lose this baby weight. Hopefully here in a month I can get the "go" to excercise. I am not a very big runner so this will kind of be funny. Good luck to ya! I am sure Kelby will be running the full again, so if you need any words of advise.