tidbits & happy weekend!

It's been a great, fun, busy, exciting [etc] week, and I can't wait to share more about what's going on around Fiesta, but it will be next week because of this great new exciting awesome thing, tonight we're headed back to this wonderful place....

And get to spend some time with this lil fella, until Gibson stole my heart, Trusty was the best/cutest/sweetest dog I'd ever met.

This time he won't have a cast on his leg! :)

This is the first time T and I have ever left Gibson for more than 1 night. It's funny how I never thought I would miss an animal as much, but I'm really going to miss him! Ellen and Elise are going to play and sleep with eem, so I know he'll be in great hands. Maybe they'll even blog about how much fun Gib and Loonie are having together so I can see his sweet face. Give him kisses for me!!!

And just because I can't post without his face...

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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